About That Book and This Blog

I’ve been putting off posting an update about the book for young adults with diabetes that I have talked about writing. Because the truth is that there isn’t much of an update. I haven’t been writing it and as of today, I don’t have any plans to finish writing it.

The doubt about whether or not I should write this book started festering around the time I was rejected by not one but two publishing companies that specialize in diabetes books. Despite efforts to show the need, there wasn’t any interest. If I wanted to write the book, I would have to go it alone.

Throughout the past year, I’ve had a lot on my plate. I freelance write exclusively about diabetes, I work in a brick-and-mortar job part-time, and I attend school full-time. Plus I have a husband and friends who I like to spend time with. Finding hours to squeeze in quality writing time has been hard. On top of that, I’ve vacillated between different ideas for how I want to write the book. There’s another book coming out on in a few months that has similar topics on balancing life and diabetes, and so I wanted to make sure my book was unique and could hold its own as a valuable resource. But being a valuable resource takes time and effort to produce.

A number of people wrote to me last summer when I was doing preliminary interviews for the book, and many of them said what an amazing need this was and I agree. I whole-heartedly completely agree that something should be out there just for young adults with diabetes. I’d like to produce that, but at this point I’m not sure what form that will take and I’m not sure when it will happen.

To be blunt, when you have the choice between producing valuable work that will be paid and valuable work that will be unpaid, it’s easy to go with the stuff that will be paid. I hope to use some of my freelance connections to create some more material that will be useful for young adults with diabetes.

I also hope this blog will be a source of information and inspiration. I realized a long time ago that I don’t necessarily like talking about my diabetes all that much! I want to share the lives and stories of other young adults like myself. My inspiration for becoming a diabetes advocate was hearing the stories that were vastly different from my own because I felt connected through our shared link with diabetes. The struggles and the aspirations of others with diabetes were also the inspirations for becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator. Other people with diabetes have always been the core of what I do in the Diabetes Online Community. This blog might be my blog, but it’s always been for you.

That’s what you can expect from this blog in 2014.

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  1. sounds good, nice written style.

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