The State of the CDE-Getting

REPORT_CARDI’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting some more for my grades to finally be posted from this term and let’s just say things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Firstly, it pains me to admit that the only reason I got a B+ in Nutrition and not an A is because I’m the worst from-the-book test taker in the history of the world. Seriously, I had full use of the book for all my exams and I still managed to only get a B+.

Secondly, Organic Chemistry is hard, even when it’s for the “non-majors” which means I got a smashing C in the class.

And thirdly, anyone who tells you that taking Biochemistry online is a good idea is lying. It is the worst idea on the face of the planet and do not do it. Not that anyone told me this, but now that I’m tell you, you’ll know for the future. It’s my first W in the college career and even though I know it won’t ruin me, it does mean that a perfectly good $700 went down the drain. Oh well. At least I got out before I could fail it!

That all being said, there’s a very good chance my term did me only mildly good. Not all of the classes will transfer to University of Minnesota (well, they will transfer, just not as anything useful) and so I’m still stuck taking more Chemistry, Biology and of course, Biochemistry as I did not complete the class. I’m still trying to work out exactly what classes I need to take and when, I’m trying to arrange things so that I start the Nutrition program officially in the fall. After that, it looks like I should be able to complete everything in 2 years, possibly faster if it’s possible to take summer classes (I have not researched that far ahead).

That’s pretty much my current update regarding class. I should have more news regarding school in the next few weeks, once I get a handle on our plans for Minnesota. In the mean time, becoming a CDE is one of the most commonly searched questions for this blog, so if anyone has any questions about it, please let me know!

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