Hiding Under the Bed

I didn’t mean to go so long between blog posts. I have a couple of review posts planned, but they are still unwritten. For the post part the very end of August and beginning of September seemed rather uneventful. Not perfect (I did go to the Minnesota State Fair and the Renaissance Festival after all), but it wasn’t terrible. 

Even my whirlwind trip to NYC didn’t cause as much damage as I’d anticipated.

So I was busy, and getting started with the semester and my internship, and blogging fell to the wayside. 

But then things got bad. Really bad. Not even something surprising or out of the ordinary (well, that 429 mg/dl was certainly out of the ordinary). If you’re a woman, you probably notice a change in blood sugars around the usual PMS time. And if you’re a guy, well, lucky you. I don’t get moody or break-outs, I get stubborn-as-fuck blood sugars that require a gallon of insulin to get done (I suppose I should be grateful for good insurance, huh?). 

That’s what I’ve been dealing with for about 12 days. Some months I can go through PMS with nary a high blood sugar, and other times it lasts for about 3 days. This month? My diabetes PMS symptoms started a full NINE DAYS EARLY, yo. I can’t remember the last time I felt so aggravated by insulin. I was running a 50% increase basal almost all day (overnights were thankfully pretty uneventful), changing my bolus ratio but still needing at least two, maybe 3 corrections for every high I had. Actually scratch that. That makes it sound like I ever came back to my target range. Guys, I was LIVING in the yellow.

Now, shockingly Clarity reports that my 7-day average is only up by 5 mg/dl. My 14-day average is a little higher than that, but we can blame it on the 429 mg/dl that mysteriously cropped up at my internship last week. I still don’t know how or why it happened, but an injection brought it down and it stayed fairly calm after that and I ended up not needing to change my pod as I had anticipated. 

What’s really irritating is all this started the week before I was going to in for an A1C check to see if I was under 7 yet, but I know the last month is crucial for an A1C and I was already riding the line pretty close to begin with. So I’ve decided to skip it and just wait until the end of October for my regular endo appointment to get my A1C done. I had been so excited seeing Clarity project a 6.6% A1C and it was pretty devastating to see it pop up so quickly even though I was doing so much to get it down. 

So if you’re wondering why it’s been quiet it’s because first there was no time to talk about what I wanted to talk about, and then I didn’t want to talk about what was actually going on. I was hiding under my bed, wait for the misery to pass. 

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1 Response to Hiding Under the Bed

  1. Rick Phillips says:

    I like looking under the bed once in awhile. But it sounds like you, I also like to hide there once in awhile.

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